Stardust may refer to:

  • Stardust (星尘 Xingchen), a Chinese VOCALOID developed by Shanghai He Nian
  • STARDUST, a song by MIJIPIN-P sung by MEIKO.
  • STARDUST, a song by QTbomber sung by Kagamine Rin and Kagamine Len.
  • Stardust, a song by Tera KomuroP sung by GUMI.
  • Stardust, a song by nyu sung by Megurine Luka.
  • stardust, a song by Aisago sung by Hatsune Miku.
  • Stardust Method, a song by Chouchou-P sung by Hatsune Miku Append.
  • Stardust, Nightmare, a song by waka sung by GUMI.
  • Stardust Utopia, a song by otetsu sung by Megurine Luka.
  • Stardust, a single by Tera KomuroP.
  • Stardust, an EP by Hikage.
  • Stardust, an album by mikuru396.
  • Stardust Canvas, an album by KisetsuP.
  • Stardust Stripes, an album by Attrielectrock.
  • STARDUST, an album by MIJIPIN-P.
  • Stardust Music, a record label.

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