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JimmyThumb-P's thirteenth song in the Unplugged Stray album/collection and fifth song in Hatsune Miku -Project DIVA- extend Complete Collection.

Fearing that the most precious person to her won't love her, Miku takes off on her own only to encounter darkness that engulfs and asks for someone's love before she fades away.

This song has entered the Hall of Fame.


Japanese (日本語歌詞) Romaji (ローマ字)
誰より大切な君に 愛されないことを恐れて dare yori taisetsu na kimi ni aisarenai koto o osorete
一万年先の星まで ひとっ跳びで逃げた ichimannen saki no hoshi made hitottobi de nigeta

そっと瞼(まぶた)を開けてみる 目の前は黒い空の海 sotto mabuta o akete miru me no mae wa kuroi sora no umi
一億年先の地平まで 流れてゆくんだ ichiokunen saki no chihei made nagarete yukun da

吸い込んだ真空の温度で sui konda shinkuu no ondo de
感覚が凍りつく前に kankaku ga kooritsuku mae ni
この身体一つ分の 愛を kono karada hitotsubun no ai o

愛を 今すぐ 愛を 私に 愛を どうか 愛を ai o ima sugu ai o watashi ni ai o douka ai o...

光射さぬ星の上で 暗闇に飲まれないように hikari sasanu hoshi no ue de kurayami ni nomarenai you ni
一万年先の夕焼けを ひとりで見てた ichimannen saki no yuuyake o hitori de miteta

きっとこの宇宙の塵と ずっと漂うだけなんだろう kitto kono uchuu no chiri to zutto tadayou dake nanda rou
そうやって消えて無くなる前にどうか… sou yatte kiete nakunaru mae ni douka...

愛を 今すぐ 愛を 私に 愛を どうか 愛を ai o ima sugu ai o watashi ni ai o douka ai o

愛を… ai o...

愛を ai o

Written by an unknown artist, this version of the lyrics was used in the screens at HATSUNE MIKU EXPO 2014 in LOS ANGELES and NEW YORK.

In the fear your love for me was slipping away, even though you've hold my heart closer than anyone
I disappeared. I faded a star. Ten thousand years past the sun

My eyes they open and all that I can see. High above the world black skies surrounding me
A sea of stars that glitter around me so blight. Flow on for years out of sight

Before I feel the cold, this frozen chill unfolds in front of me
This temperature I feel in this atmosphere it reveals
How bittersweet and lonely now that I miss you only. Love

Love. Give me your love. Love. Share it with me. Love. Darling please. Love. Oh, love...

To forget the solitude that I'm finding here. Upon this place, this planet far away from home
The sun up in the sky, it sets and waves me goodbye. Ten thousand years all alone

Maybe forever I'll keep drifting through. The dust in this universe without you
But before I know that I will fade away in your heart...

Love. Give me your love. Love. Share it with me. Love. Darling please. Love. Oh, love...



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