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  • "Starlight Keeper"
Uploaded July 22, 2012, with 15,800+ Niconico views and 226,700+ YouTube views
  • Momocashew (music, lyrics, illust, animation)
  • Xinning (lyrics)


First original song.

I wrote the lyrics with my beloved real life friend.
Also first time using Oliver, or any English voicebank.
He's a lot harder to use than the Japanese voicebanks I've used but I enjoyed tuning Oliver.
Sorry, I don't have any realistic electric guitar or bass plugins.
Most of you are probably expecting a VY2 song.
Don't worry, it will be uploaded soon.
Thank you for listening.

"Starlight Keeper" is one of Momocashew's most popular songs.


The bliss that resonates in your presence
So softly
Ignites the flames that radiates
Deep in my heart

From the echoing echoing words you whispered
From the twinkling twinkling in your eyes
I sensed a slight and different movement
Overflowing emotions
That halo of yours is so brilliant

Let's match
The cadence of our pulse
To the rhythm of our thoughts
Between us
Thousand sparks fly
And illuminates the sky

A gentle curve at the corners of your lips
In between
Reminds us of the silent promises

From the growing growing warmth in your heart
To the sparkling sparkling faith in your voice
Through the nebulous blur and haze
Even here in this maze
You lead me to the right way

When you're near
Trust conquers all of my deepest fears
You are
The light that illuminates my night
Embracing me with all your might

Let's match
The cadence of our pulse
To the rhythm of our thoughts
Even though you're gone
Our hearts beat as one

I will sing
A song that fights off the beast
That interrupts your dreams
Sleep tight
Tonight I will fly high
And illuminate the sky


Tonio's Cover
Featuring Tonio
Author(s) MagnAguinmon
Category VOCALOID cover
Sonika's Cover
Featuring SONiKA
Author(s) Komorybat03
Category VOCALOID cover
Maika's Cover
Featuring MAIKA
Author(s) Ritzuka Kun
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Fukase's Cover
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Author(s) Laura Megurine (cover, mixing, VSQx edits), Momocashew (VSQx), Pikadude31451 (MMD model)
Category VOCALOID cover

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