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Start The Snow
Song title
"Start The Show"
Uploaded November 22, 2015, with 210+ views
SoundCloud Broadcast


My first song using Dex. I planned it a bit beforehand. The backing track uses Soundcanvas for ios using the SC-8820 map.

"Start The Show" is an original song by baggagelizard featuring DEX.


Time is fleeting
of course you know
It's been quite a long time
since I sang to you

I don't want this to end
where are you?
I think I'll hold your hand
and sing out!

It is gonna be such fun
to see what will be
I cannot wait you know
Let's go and start the show!

Now I'm singing
it does feel good
it's just not 'sexy' to lie out in the dust


I can't wait to see the things
that you'll make
I guess I don't need to hold your hand and sing out

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