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Song title
  • "Stay With Me"
Uploaded September 17, 2014, with 2,976,000+ YouTube views and 55,700+ SoundCloud views
  • Mendum (music, lyrics)
  • gehirnkaefer (illustration)


The last track of our experimental EP is "Stay With Me". It's about a couple that has to leave their city and leave their past behind.

Stay With Me is an original song by Mendum featuring OLIVER. It is currently one of OLIVER's most popular songs.


The fire makes the city look so bright
Close your eyes and just stay tight
We have to go.

Stay with me while we leave
Don't worry just believe me
This journey will relieve us
Stay with me while we leave.

It wouldn't be right to say I'll miss
The place where we lived with certain bliss
I'm happy we left.

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