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Song title
Uploaded May 24, 2004
LEON (covered)
George Gershwin (music)
DuBose Heyward and George Gershwin (lyrics)
Alexei Ustinov (VOCALOID arrangement)
YouTube Broadcast (Reprint)
Jasmine Music Technology

JMT Broadcast


Summertime is an aria composed by George Gershwin for the 1935 opera Porgy and Bess. It was partially sampled as VOCALOID demonstration song, it is available as a free download on Jasmine Music Technology.


Summertime, (Oh, summertime)
And the living is easy (So easy)
Fish are jumping, (Oh, yeah)
And the cotton is high (High, is high, is oh so high)
Oh, your daddy's rich, (Yeah, oh yeah)
And your mama's good looking (Good looking)
I said, hush, little baby, (Oh, yeah baby)
Don't you cry (So, don't cry

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