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Image of "Sweet So sweet"
Song title
  • "sweet_So_sweet"
Uploaded March 06, 2008, with 68,000+ Niconico views


"sweet_So_sweet" is a popular metal VOCALOID song by Hazy-P. It is the first song to feature the popular derivative, "Hagane Miku", who was created by the song's illustrator, Hansi.

Succeeding versionsEdit

Featuring Hatsune Miku
Author(s) Hazy-Ps
Category succeeding version, arrangement



Japanese (日本語歌詞) Romaji (ローマ字)
「この声はカワイイでしょう? "kono koe wa kawaii de shou?
その音で受け止められる? sono oto de uketome rareru?
この声で消えかけている kono koe de kie ga kete iru
その音を探してあげる」 sono oto o sagashite ageru"
その声は微笑みながら sono koe wa hohoeminagara
この音を導くだろう kono oto o michibiku darou
その声は空へ繋がる sono koe wa sora e tsunagaru
唯一の白い片翼 yuiitsu no shiroi hen'yoku
その声で何を奏で、 sono koe de nani o kanade.
(時とともに刻んだ過去の旋律達を…) (toki to tomoni kizanda kako no senritsu-tachi o...)
この音で何を歌う? kono oto de nani o utau?
(過去に置き去りにした空を求める想い…) (kako ni okizari ni shita sora o motomeru omoi...)


Utsu-P's Cover
Featuring Utsu-P
Author(s) Utsu-P
Category Human cover
Nu's Cover
Featuring Nu
Author(s) Nu
Category Human cover
DEATH Hime's Cover
Featuring DEATH Hime
Author(s) DEATH Hime
Category Human cover
Shellah's English Cover
Featuring Shellah
Author(s) Shellah
Category Human cover, English cover
DiábolusCaleb's Cover
Featuring DiábolusCaleb
Author(s) DiábolusCaleb
Category Human cover

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  • PIAPRO - mp3 (1.00, 1.00-. 2.00) Instrumental (3.00)

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