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  • "Switch Me On"
Uploaded November 14, 2014, with 3,500+ Niconico views and 330+ YouTube views
  • Robo (lyrics, music, arrangement, mixing, mastering, artwork)


Miku is switched on for you!

"Switch Me On" is an original song by Robo featuring featuring Hatsune Miku.


I can't explain this beat inside me
It's like an hard drum kickin' in my head
It's pumping hard, i cannot seat down
But all i see it's an empty chair!

I want to feel that beating again
But just your music make me feel this way
So switch me on, and type down these words
And play with me this song!

It will be nice, i'll do what i can
It will be cute, let's do it now!
IT will be sweet, it's just me and you!
Let's do it now and again!

Switch me on
switch me on
switch me on you tonight
I can't stay without you,
Cause you make me feel alive

I still love
i still love
i still love you tonight!
I can't stay without you
I switch on just when i'm with you

With you
With you
with you
with you
I switch on just when i'm with you

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