THE VOC@LOiDM@STER M@STER Rebirth is compilation album featuring mainly SF-A2 miki as well as Akiko Hasegawa, a voice actress on Idol Master.

Released December 4, 2009
Producer Various
Track list
1. introduction
2. 大空色のHi-To-Mi (Oozora Iro no Hi-To-Mi)
Oozora Iro no Hi-To-Mi / Sky Colored E-Y-E-S
M@SATOSHI (Aruka-P) feat. SF-A2 miki
3. fragile snow
Aether_Eru feat. SF-A2 miki
4. Party Night
EasyPop feat. SF-A2 miki
5. The Universe
tourP feat. SF-A2 miki
6. Luxurious times
maya feat. SF-A2 miki
7. グッドナイト
Good Night
Captain Mirai feat. SF-A2 miki
8. ミキミキ★ロマンティックナイト
miki miki★Romantic Night
samfree feat. SF-A2 miki
9. ミキとの遭遇
Miki to no Souguu / Encounter with Miki
Musuka-P feat. SF-A2 miki
10. ショッキングな彼
Shokkingu na Kare / Shocking Boyfriend
Koji Nakagawa feat. SF-A2 miki, Akiko Hasegawa
11. 龍天に登る
Ryuu Ten ni Noboru / Dragons Ascend into the Sky
Bumpy Urushi feat. SF-A2 miki
12. シューティング☆スター
Kagome-P feat. Kaai Yuki