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Uploaded Jan 22, 2015, with 125,400+ YouTube views
  • Circus-P (music, tuning)
  • Crusher-P (music, lyrics)


One of the first three demos uploaded for CYBER DIVA on YAMAHA's official VOCALOID channel. Crusher-P announced on their tumblr that they will be releasing the full version of the song at some point.[1]


I have no place being here
No, not anymore
I should have run while I could
As it began to pour

The temperature drops
At the sound of your name
Storm chasing is always
A dangerous game

Like a tornado,
You swept me off my feet
Like a blizzard,
You chill every bone in me

I am left with nothing here
Empty handed in the rain
The people we once were got
Lost in the hurricane

I was the lightning
You were the sound that followed me
The storm is coming
Streets are flooding but I can’t leave

Thunderstorm, Thunderstorm (×4)


Gackpo's Cover
Featuring Camui Gackpo
Author(s) Nutmeg Slushin
Category VOCALOID cover
Aiko Kikyuune's Cover
Featuring Aiko Kikyuune
Author(s) Choccoleit
Category UTAU cover
Sae Mackne's Cover
Featuring Sae Mackne
Author(s) Kazuko
Category UTAU cover
Kasane Teto's Cover
Featuring Kasane Teto English
Author(s) Zurui-san
Category UTAU cover
M4N6A Remix
Featuring CYBER DIVA
Author(s) JOSHUA M4N6A
Category Remix


  1. Tumblr

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