태초의 노래, 노래의 종말 (Taechoui Norae, Norae-ui Jongmal / Song of Beginning, End of Songs) is a first single by Sangnoksu. It contains 1 track, sung by SeeU.

The promotion video is here. The album is purchasable on Saboten Store. Full album was uploaded onto Sangnoksu's YouTube channel on June 5, 2013.

Sangnoksu SeeU Single Album
Released May 4, 2013
Producer Sangnoksu
Price ₩12,000
Illust. Harafha
Label MVZ Production
Track list
1. 태초의 노래, 노래의 종말
Taechoui Norae, Noraeui Jongmal / Song of Beginning, End of Songs

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