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Takayuki Sakamoto also known as just Tak-kun (たっくん) is a composer who has created a number of songs; mostly rock, ballad, and classical. He mainly uses Kagamine Rin and Kagamine Len Append (mostly Rin's warm and Len's power).

He has a stable fan base, his most notable work being "Cinderella ~another story~" sung by Rin and Len.

STATUS:March 2010 → Present
Takayuki Sakamoto
GENRE:Rock; Ballad; Classical; Pop
URL(s)PIAPRO, Ameba, mixi
PLAYLIST(s):(Nico Nico Douga List)
WORKS: (Upload date)
  1. "Piano" (Len) (March.23.2010)
  2. "MAGIC" (Len) (Apr.25.2010)
  3. "Wind" (Len) (Jun.04.2010)
  4. "Andoro & Doro~" (Len) (Jul.07.2010)
  5. "MAGIC" (Rin, Len) (Aug.20.2010)
  6. "Hello, Goodbye" (Rin) (Oct.17.2010)
  7. "Hello, Goodbye" (Miku) (Jan.11.2011)
  8. "Andoro & Doro~" (Len) (Jan.28.2011)
  9. "Cinderella ~another story~" (Rin, Len) (Mar.07.2011) with subtitles
  10. "Right ~sou~" (Len) (Mar.25.2011)
  11. "Reconciliation" (Rin) (Oct.12.2011)
  12. "Brick Rocket" (Len) (Dec.17.2011)
  13. "COLORS ~a boy side~" (Len) (Mar.11.2012)
  14. "COLORS ~a girl side~" (Rin) (Mar.11.2012)

Songs / Featured WorksEdit

シンデレラ~another story~ (Cinderella ~another story~)

Uploaded 2011.03.07 Featuring Kagamine Rin, Kagamine Len
Music Takayuki Sakamoto Main article シンデレラ~another story~ (Cinderella ~another story~)
Lyrics Takayuki Sakamoto
Video soriku (illust, video)
His most notable song with over 10,000 views.

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