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  • "Take Me Down"
Uploaded May 08, 2013, with 59,700+ YouTube views
  • AdyS (music, lyrics)
  • Lellia (illust)


I've been pretty inactive lately, life gets busier because of my internship, even this song was made when I was going to work with train. But I will still keep posting stuff of course. I'm thinking of making an oliver album this time, but I haven't planned anything yet. Well, I have some WIPs I made in I found that there's a lot of inspirational stuff around me while I'm in the train.
— AdyS


It's coming to me
Lost in this dream
Lost in this city

Lost in this shadow
I try to believe
I try to ignore it
Cause it isn't real

But why should i care
I shouldn't be there
I'm walking on water
I run out of air

And i can't remember
The promise you made
But we never met
And you never cared

I made a mistake so you can just take me down
I broke it apart so you can just take me down
I made you suffer so you can just take me down
I made you cry so you can just take me down

I've tried to forget it
The anomaly


MIRIAM's Cover
Featuring MIRIAM
Author(s) Graceinliife (cover), theindisputed21 (VSQx)
Category VOCALOID cover

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