The BIG ALbum is Kodakami's first album and the first Engloid album featuring BIG AL. It contains 7 tracks and 1 bonus track sung mainly by BIG AL. The bonus track is exclusive to the physical CD. It will be released as a download on Kodakami's website, but he has also started a project on Kickstarter to release it physically (these are limited however). The physical album is a jewel case that comes with a insert booklet consisting of exclusive artwork, liner notes, lyrics and backer bonus content (for those who donate on Kickstarter).

After reaching reaching the goal with double the amount needed, Kodakami updated the original product: the booklet has been upgraded from 8 to 12 pages, both the disc and the disc tray will be full color and the entire package will be finished in a poly wrap. The premium package has received a few changes as well. A Kingston USB drive has been switched out with a "Twister" custom flash drive. The contents are: Instrumentals / off-vocals and a cover version by Kodakami of all songs, a PDF version of the booklet and HQ versions of the album art assets by contributing artists. One of them being EmpathP.

The album will be free to download on Kodakami's website. Fund backers received early access downloads to the full album on December 15.

Koda bigalbum
Released December 22, 2012
Producer Koda-P
Price Free (DL),
Label Independent
Track list
1. Emotional
2. If I'd Known (Woah Woe)
3. BIG AL's Dance★Instructional
4. Measure Up
5. Just a Bit Lonely
6. Little Allan's Big Polka
7. BIG AL Pie

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