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A song about a botanist

As said by Steampianist, this song is about a botanist. This song is featured in the album, Absurd Stories For The Rationally Insane.


A botanist
Wearing green gloves
Is passionate for flowers
But he’s allergic to humans
So he stayed within his lab

One day in his lab
Through the windows he saw
A flower-like lady
Who caught his heart at once

She was not like the others
She was venus made flesh
Oh, but she’s allergic to flowers
So she strayed from The Botanist

He watched her all day long
From the windows of his lab
Oh, it was love he was sure
So he had to make her his

He went out his lab
In a gas mask at night
To see the lady he loves
He crept up her room
And filled it with gas
Then took her to his lab

She awoke in his lab
She’s groggy still from the gas
The botanist was staring at her
With a grim intention in mind

He watched her all day long
Through a cylinder glass
He felt love he was sure

But there was one thing wrong
With the lady he loves
She has human flesh
“Worry not for I will make you bloom”

He watched her all day long
Through a cylinder glass
The botanist was delighted
And felt a wonderful feeling of love

A botanist wearing red gloves
Is passionate for a flower
His flower is withering away
But for now, they have to run away

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