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  • "The Charlatan"
Uploaded Jul 3, 2014


The twelfth and final song on the Winter Butterfly album.


Behind every smile is a broken mirror
In which we find the crying
Reflection of ourselves,
But what is now left of this smile I feign?
Nothing but you, and you wear
It like it gives
You pleasure.

But I see
You're rotting

You have deceived all of the people who believe
In your web of lies
And they'll forsake you once they see through
Your guise.

You talk like me
And you laugh like me -
Go ahead and hide your cowardly self inside
Of my skin, for I
Still know what is real and what is

Release your dove -
Pretend you're
At peace
When you want war.

How can I
Remain neutral
When you provoke
Me and
As though you aren't just the
Imitation of a person
You saw as blithe?

All this time, you were better
Than me, and yet
You can't
Stand to
Face yourself, so rotten -
Hide it, become someone else.

Say you want war.

I will not
Remain neutral
When you kill me,
Screw me,
And try
To pin all the blame on
Everyone else; you save yourself
And f▬k the rest.

All this time, you were greater
Than me, yet you
In veiling whom you truly are;
Hide it, pretend that you're me

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