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  • "The Dark Ballad"
Uploaded February 26, 2013, with 210+ YouTube views


"The Dark Ballad" is an earlier work by Robyn IsANinja using OLIVER. The song is apparently about a Pokemon trainer missing the chance to capture a Shiny Abra.


This journey's long and I have it all written down and
I can't say the words so I put them to song
This would is vast I want to see it all
And be the best like no one ever was

Aaa aaa aa

My heart open I was frantically searching
For someone just like you
I needed you in my life

On and on and I kept running further
Then I found you, so why did you leave me?
We had so much in common
It was almost frightening

Did I say something wrong or
are you to blame?
I tried to call your name, but you were too far yet...
close to my heart and I was crying by myself </3

Frozen dreams
Forever lost
Hide and seek
I can't find you

Tainted wings
flying higher
Softly said
"Here we go again..."

♬ ♬

You make me laugh and I wanted to give you the same
I'd really seen you, you sent my heart ablaze
I've encountered your kind of eight thousand times
You were the very best like no one ever was

This journey's long and I have it all saved to date
I drowned in waters of thoughts of you once again
On and I kept trying to catch you
Was it a lie? Was it not meant to be?

You meant everything to me
It was amazing
Did you do something wrong or am I to blame?
The way you shined was like wishing on a star yet
My wish never came true that was my biggest mistake!

Broken dream that was once a single place
I can't find you
Weakened wings falling faster
Can't amend
here we go a--

Frozen song
"Sing" away your memories
a Last Resort
letting go of you and me
searching once again