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  • "The Divinely Authorized Order of the Universe"
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yo what up, i finally have another song to post after three months of dying inside.


All these fears, a million faces
Crying, begging for their places
I laughed as I chose who to steal away

Now you're gone, you left no traces
So long gone, you've seen my face and
I picked you out so we can play
Now you're all alone

Cry all you want, oh
I'm always first to--

In this world we're always lonely
Isolation turns to pain and
Shows you things you can't imagine
You begin to break your own heart

I just wanted the pain to end

Oh God please, you're gonna leave me
Please just stay and make me happy
Brandish all my mighty powers
I won't ever let you leave me
Please tie my broken heart together

Now it's done, I'm all alone
It's silly how I thought that this would work
And I can't believe my eyes, my eyes, my eyes

Oh it's silly, oh how silly
That I thought that you would stay here

Blurry lines and distortion
Where do I end and where do I begin?
I can't look you in the eyes, the eyes, your eyes

I am crying oh I'm crying
But I know that it won't matter

Choking out my final words
I could not find the strength to say that
You were all I ever had

You were longing, I was longing
For the morning, for our mourning
What we will never have


DEX's Cover
Featuring DEX
Author(s) waywardjake (cover), Lostie-V (vsq)
Category VOCALOID cover
GUMI's Cover
Featuring GUMI English
Author(s) Daze (cover, illust, PV), Lostie-V (vsq)
Category VOCALOID cover
Macne Nana's Cover
Featuring Macne Nana English
Author(s) JavHel (cover, PV), Lostie-V (vsq)
Category VOCALOID cover

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