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"the Door to Next Generation" is an album by Musuka-P and features Kagamine Len. It focuses on the Pop genre and has 9 tracks and remixes, including Come Together (LV.4 Remix), Hurricane Will Come!!, and Glamorous Butterfly. It is avaliable on the iTunes store andAmazon mp3 .

Released 8/24/11
Producer Musuka-P
Price 1,200 yen
Illust. hekicha
Label KarenT
Track list
1. Shout!!
Kagamine Len
2. Come Together 2011 Remaster
Kagamine Len
3. eclipse solar
Kagamine Len
4. Glamorous Butterfly
Kagamine Len
5. Fantasy Flight
Kagamine Len
6. Hurricane Will Come!!
Kagamine Len
7. Forever With You
Kagamine Len
8. Gradated Blue
Kagamine Len
9. Come Together (LV.4 Remix)
Kagamine Len

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