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  • "The Flower Girl"
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"The Flower Girl" is an original MIRIAM song. It is featured in the Vocallective Records album, Songs of Gaia and Vocallective Sampler 3.


Who will buy, sweet violets
Please kind Sir will you buy
Just a Penny for a posy
For your Lady oh will you buy
Pretty flowers they are fresh today
Then will fade away
Who will buy, who will buy today.

I work for my living, no charity for me
My parents are dead, which just leaves me
And my brothers and sisters
They all depend on me
I'm just a poor Flower Girl
As proud as can be.


In black taffy bonnet and old tattered dress
No shoes on my feet, I've no time to rest
Selling my flowers from Stepney to the Dials
As fresh as the morning
As sweet as a smile