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"The New ERA"
Uploaded July 20, 2015, with 21,420+ views
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YZYX (music, lyrics)
Bakyaan (video)
José Zeta-O (illust)
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"The New ERA" is an original song, described by the producer as dubstep/classical in genre. It is featured in the game Hachi Hachi.

This song was released as a single.


Novae huius aetatis
Ostende mihi verum

Going back in time is something impossible,
But the only one who can change your destiny,
Is you!

Waking from a lengthy dream,
Where am I now? Tell me please!
Everything is different to me,
What kind of strange place is this?

Doubt is invading corners in my heart,
Just a stroll in a sunset brings me
An infinite sense of liberty.
A tall woman is dressed in black,
She spoke to me about destiny.

Into my eyes the lady looked,
Seeking the hidden Truth,
She questioned me what makes me be really free,
Why do I smile when I just want to cry?
It was a surprise that she realized the feeling I could not describe

Hiding my solitude behind a mask
When someone asks,
Is the reason of my silence,
When I just don't want to face the fate

Novae huius aetatis
Ostende mihi verum

Seeing how all my memories disappear,
Now it is clear,
I woke in a mysterious world
Where I was condemned to live alone.

Why I'm here? Why I'm here?
Please tell me! Please tell me!
What happened to the time?
It's something I can't define.

It can't be! It can't be!
It's a dream! It's a dream!
I can't believe in this,
It's just a fantasy!

Oh my world, where has it gone?
I wish I could go back to my distant past.
Don't lose hope, don't feel alone,
I need to find the key to save me from this destiny.

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Hachi Hachi


The New ERA single
Cover art of the single

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