Song title
"The Owl Dreams Of Night"
Uploaded November 1, 2014, with 169+ views
LaChouSalle (music)
Jammin Hyaku (lyrics, video, illustration)
YouTube Broadcast


My First ever vocaloid song, I wanted to release it on Halloween

(October 31st) But i was a day late sadly. This was sort of a test so I could learn the programs better, but it wasn't to bad I don't think.

"The Owl Dreams Of Night" is an original song by LaChouSalle and Jammin Hyaku featuring OLIVER.


all alone, in the dark
not a mark, cant even remember my own name
out loud for help there is no one
to save me now
an owl flies by my ear
lands on a tree so close to me whats there to see
a shadow moves in the dark
there is no chance, just not for me

i just stand there waiting for the worst to come
guilt is something you just cannot run from
cause death will never ever stop the beating drum
so tell me and i would take it back if i ever had the chance
i would run away but i dont have the endurance
and now im going to die
confessions pour out without hope all left is doubt
the owl just flies away, not stuck to the ground
what id do to fly away
so far away from this place
fear consumes ever last inch of your soul
i am not even missed
no reason exist
feeling so alone so unknown
no reason to hesitate cause no one escapes
alone and forgotten
these visions are but a dream

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