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  • "The Pianist's Lament"
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Life is torture and pain
Life fills us with despair

These tragedies won't end
They will go on and on

I'll play my song as the night passes, I won't quit till my songs finished
I'll never stop playing for you dear, I won't let you be forgotten

I wonder if this melody will reach you dear
I'll keep on going until it reaches you dear
Your presence will linger on and on endlessly
Those memories we shared will not be lost in time

Rewind, reverse and reset it
Set it right so it's all put back
Rewind the clocks, rewind them all so it never happens again

When I slumber, I see you
When I'm playing, I hear you
It still sounds so enchanting
I wish we could play again

I'll play this song and my pain, for you
Remorse and shame wrap around me
Wasn't there anything I could do?
Probably not I am useless
Alas, talent's all I have, how vain...
So all I can do is play songs...
If that is all I'm good for then I shall use it to try and reach you

I will play my song
As the night goes on
I will never stop
Till you hear my song

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