The Rather Unspectacular Love Story of John and Jen ft Avanna
Song title
The Rather Unspectacular Love Story of John and Jen
Uploaded March 14, 2013
YouTube Broadcast (No longer available)


La da, la dee da

My first attempt at creating an original Vocaloid song. I originally had Oliver singing it, but then some of the notes got too deep for him, so I switched to Avanna. All in all, I'm rather happy with this attempt. Maybe I'll start making more originals. ^^

— 69Caedes


John is a boy with a frown on his face
La da la dee da
John's always told the things he can't do
That will never do, so he'd tell you
Poor John... poor John

La la dee da la
Dee dee la dee da

Jen is a girl with a frown on her lips
La da la dee da
Jen is the type to forget everything
That will never do, she's so confused
Poor Jen... poor Jen

There comes a time in everyone's life
Where you'll meet someone
And make it just fine

John is a boy who works all the time
Cannot find a girl, no time in the World
Jen is a girl who has no one
Cannot find a boy, did she even try?

Day after day with a frown on their faces
They'll walk straight through the park
Always by chance they'll pass by each other
Never looking twice never taking note
Poor John... poor Jen

John is a boy whose looking for a girl
La da la dee da
Oh, so sad and alone in the World
That will never do Jen's there for you
So why oh why, did you let her pass by?

There's no more time, did you ever even try?
Johny is a boy with a frown on his face
While Jen's right there waiting for Anything at all to happen
For a man to love her, that will never do, she needs to get a clue

John is a boy and Jen is a girl
They were meant for each other
It's a shame they didn't know

La la dee da la
Dee dee la dee da

La da la dee da

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