The Stage 2 is YANHE's second official album, after The Stage 1.  It contains 8 original songs.

This album is available for purchase on Taobao here. It also comes with an advertisement slip for Luo Tianyi's March 2014 concert if purchased from the VOCANESE taobao shop.

A crossfade of this album can be heard here.

The Stage 2 yanhe
Released November 25, 2013
Producer Various
Price 49 Yuan ($10)
Track list
1. 月下挽歌
Yuè Xià Wǎn Gē / Elegy Under the Moonlight
feitie ft. YANHE
Rán / Burn
Wang Chao ft. YANHE
3. 祀雨师录
Sì Yǔ Shī Lù / The Story of the Rain Prayer
Ryuu ft. YANHE
4. 镜中之国
Jìng Zhōng zhī Guó / The Land Within the Mirror
Melo_YC ft. YANHE
5. 心彩
Xīn Cǎi
himmel ft. YANHE
6. 例行异常行为准则
Lì Xíng Yìcháng Xíngwéi Zhǔnzé / Daily Rules of Abnormal Activity
Sugita Akira ft. YANHE
7. 催眠怪盗言和
Cuīmián Guàidào Yánhé / Hypnotic Phantom Thief YANHE
8. 别裂
Bié Liè
人形兔 ft. YANHE
The Stage 1

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