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  • "The Sweet Darkness Love"
Uploaded December 4, 2015, with 100+ YouTube views and 100+ SoundCloud views
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"The Sweet Darkness Love" is an original English song featuring Megurine Luka. The singer tells of a nightmare they have of a former lover that they cannot escape from, in their mind.

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Here it comes on
She is in it around a heart nowhere
Spin it around over head
Do you need me
You can make love with you now
Heaven help me
I lie down

I want your love, inside of me
Take your love on the run
I don't want to love, I don't need you
I don't like it, you more each day
Could love you more, I hug my pillow
I'm gonna love you and you all alone

Take in my heart
Anything to make me want to dream
Never again, not to hold
Say it to me
You know it's just mystery
I'm not ready, gives you hell

I know where the nightmares sleep
In the darkness, we shine
And when they sleep
They go to hell and love is hell
My love is shit
Heaven is there and hell is down
Love suicide, she broke my dream again

It's a nightmare
Nothing is sacred
Love nightmare
The price of evil
I must be dreaming
Your love is like a nightmare
You can't deny me
I'm living in your soul

She wants love
Love to sleep
Should you run across her
Remember it's not love
I didn't tell you all that
She wants heaven knows
Just what I've done
She sleeps her soul and there you're lying
You promised me
I love your dark and I'm always beside you
If you don't want me to destroy you
In your dreams
Love nightmare

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