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2014年5月 韩国VOCALOID演唱会
Event title
The first or the last
Dr. YunSangnoksuST MEDiA


  • Concert date: May 24, 2014
  • Location: Ax Hall, Seoul, South Korea
  • Entry fee: 44,000 KRW
  • Playlist №: 19
  • Company: 1st Place, Shanghai HENIAN
  • Associations: ST MEDiA

Song listEdit

Japanese, Romaji English Singer Producer
01 Love is You Love is You SeeU ST MEDiA
02 꿈의 비 (Kkum-ui Bi) Rain of Dreams SeeU Dr. Yun
03 Be My Boy Be My Boy SeeU Dr. Yun
04 Rain Rain SeeU ST MEDiA
05 Pain Killer Pain Killer SeeU Dr. Yun
06 [Cube] [Cube] SeeU Dr. Yun
07 내일은 없어 (Naeileun Eops-eo) Naeileun Eops-eo SeeU ST MEDiA
09 울지 몰라 (Ulji Molla) I Might Cry SeeU GOTA
10 침 (Chim) Needle SeeU DZ:ST∧N
11 언어의 노래 (Eon-eoui Norae) Song of Languages Seeu Sangnoksu
12 刀剑春秋 (Dāojiàn Chūnqiū) The Age of Swords and Blades YANHE litterzy, Da Zuiba Lang
13 心之光 (Xīn zhī Guāng) Light of the Heart YANHE Tiaonan-P
14 세상 끝에서 (Sesang Kkeut-eseo) At The World's End SeeU Dr. Yun
15 Party! Party! Party! Party! SeeU Dr. Yun
16 그래 안녕 (Geurae Annyeong) Alright, Goodbye SeeU Dr. Yun
17 끝이 아니길 (Kkeuti Anigil) Kkeuti Anigil SeeU ST MEDiA
18 파파로치 (Paparoach) Paparoach SeeU ST MEDiA
19 The first or the last The first or the last SeeU ST MEDiA


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