the hoshizora project
The hoshizora project
Members Nachi, Haru, Himitsu
Status Active
Circle's Links Channel: Nico Nico, Youtube
Facebook, Twitter
Playlist Mylist
  1. "aurorae (short ver.)" (Miku) (Dec.12.2011)
  2. "FIN." (GUMI) (Apr.02.2012)
  3. "post-script" (GUMI) (Nov.08.2012)
  4. "Saigo no Chocolate" (GUMI) (Feb.14.2013)
  5. "Aurorae -Band Ver.-" (Miku) (Apr.26.2013)
  6. "Kawattenai yo, Kawaranai yo" (GUMI, Miku) (Dec.28.2013)
  7. "Daiji na Memochou" (Miku) (Jan.25.2014)
  8. "Kimi Dake wo Matteru" (YOHIOloid) (Feb.14.2014)
  9. "post-script (English ver.)" (YOHIOloid) (Mar.14.2014)


the hoshizora project is a group formed in May 2011.

Member's ProfileEdit

Status Active
Page Link N/A
Short bio lyrics
Links Youtube, Community, Twitter
Playlist (Mylist)
Haru thp
Status Active
Page Link N/A
Short bio music / arrangement
Links Twitter
Playlist (N/A)
Himitsu thp
Status Active
Page Link N/A
Short bio illustrations
Links Blog, deviantART, Tumblr,Twitter, Youtube
Playlist (N/A)

Songs / Featured WorksEdit

君だけを待ってる (Kimi Dake wo Matteru)

Uploaded 2014.02.14 Featuring YOHIOloid
Music Haru, Nachi Main article 君だけを待ってる (Kimi Dake wo Matteru)
Lyrics Haru, Nachi, Himitsu
Video Himitsu

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