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  • "Thousand Stars Love Message"
Uploaded April 19, 2015, with 1,000+ SoundCloud views
  • CitronSec (music, lyrics, mixing)


Thousand Stars Love Message is an original song by CitronSec featuring Hatsune Miku.

This song is featured in the album, Galactic Cute Romance.


Into the vastness of space
Fly with me in the sea of stars
The darkness scares me
Still I wish I would be by your side

You're so far away
Million miles away
Only nothing separates us

Set sail on a new journey
To reach the sky and float astray
A voyage of a hundred days
Promise you won't forget me

Let me gift you with a message
Let me gift you a stream of light
As I cruise through dark and bright
I hope you read my message

Voyage through infinity
Will you join in my cosmic dream ?
I am so lonely
But in the end well be together

Starlight carries the emotions I have for you
I send you a thousand stars love message
I love you

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