• I'm not 100% if anyone has really done this yet, but I know I couldn't find a good example on YouTube or SoundCloud. I'd hunt around on niconico, but the lanaguage barrier is somewhat difficult for me. Anyways, I decided to do something moderately productive with my time and make a comparison video with all of Miku V3's Append voices since she's just been there whenever I open VOCALOID4. It's all raw vocals with no added parameters to make it easier to tell the voices apart from each other, although I think they all sound very different. However, I could see how someone would get Miku's Dark, Soft, or Sweet vocals mixed up. Once Miku's V4x is available for purchase, I'll go ahead and make a video comparing her new voice(s) though that. :)

    VOCALOID3 Hatsune Miku Append Comparison by Fantysma
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