• I've been thinking about getting one, but I have no expieriance with using a VOCALOID. I already know that Una and Rana are easy to use, but any others that I might consider getting?

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    • I guess you have to read... Off the top of my head, VY1 or VY2 are also "easy to use". I think Fukase is suppose to be newbie friendly.

      A lot of the V3 vocals from "Yamaha"'s batch were simpler to use. They've abandoned this style more in V4 because it resulted in a lot of similar voices and they made them easy to use for music. This resulted in a lack of vocalist traits.

      If ease of use is your primarily goal, avoid Crypton's V4x releases (EVEC makes the packages complicated to use if our going to use their full extent), Arsloid (soft and bright are difficult to work with), Megpoid V4 (completed at least, individual vocals vary per package,plus there is better then Gumi these days) or Sachiko (Japans Prima).

      Also avoid V2's as at this point there are better and easier to use vocals... Only collectors go for them these days as even registering the packages is hard.

      Also, even though English is harder to use, you obviously understand it so don't knocked them despite being harder to use. A LOT of newbies make a simple mistake of going for Japanese over English, so many advise going for a bilingual as a first vocal. The logic is, if worst comes to worst, you can still use the English version. In short, it gives you a option to go in a different direction is you fail in one. This is something a pure Japanese vocal doesn't give.

      Ease of use is also a partly subjective term, as some producers find some vocals easier then others.

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    • the VY series seem easy for beginners. I think Kokone, Gumi, Iroha and IA are easy to use too. Male: Gakupo and Fukase. Not Crypton recently because they wrecked their vocaloids, even though maybe Miku V4x is still very easy to use from what I see.  English vocaloids: Cyva( even though she lacks characteristics tbh). There are many vocaloids that can sound good but it requires tuning. I agree wholeheartedly with you, Rana is very smooth and cheerful and Una is very beginner-friendly. They are very easy to tune

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    • If in doubt, ask at vocaloid Otaku for more opinions.

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    • I've heard Yuzuki Yukari is really easy to use and she doesn't require you to buy the v4 editor

      is that true?

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    • @Rinandlen4lyfe Yes. In fact, you need to buy the V4 Editor for all VOCALOID4 vocals. (Although the CRYPTON vocal packages often come with Piapro Studio and the Studio One DAW, it is still best if you also purchase the V4 Editor separately.) Also, the V4 Editor should also be purchased if you wish to properly use V3 vocals as well due to the V3 Editor is now outdated and the V3 tiny editor is extremely limited.

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    • English can be set from installation thus only the vocal library is a problem in terms of language barriers.

      At this point... Don't even look at V2's unless you really want them.

      Yukari is "easy to use" to a degree, but her softness is not always as easy to use as other vocals. She can be lost against BGM during mixing... If you can't speak Japanese though or are familiar with it, note it is easy to overlook the sound problems that the Japanese vocaloids do occasionally produce. So if your Japanese is limited, then no matter how easy the Vocaloid is you will still have the same problem. only get a Japanese vocal as a first buy if you know enough Japanese to play with, or aren't interested in using Vocaloid as anything but a toy to toss files into to do cover songs.

      Sayig that, English Vocaloids are a pain to use, but at least you can understand them. I wouldn't buy anything but a V4 though due to the improvements between V3 and V4 from most sides of the oceans...

      If in doubt go bilingual. You get to play with Japnese and still have access to English! In fact bilinguals have become popular first choices for this reason alone. ;-3

      Piapro Studio has its pros and cons... There are limits to both it and the full Vocaloid studio. Plus, you have to deal with the problems of V4x if you go for any of the 3 packages and hat they toss at you is not always good.

      The lite version of Vocaloid in itself only is good for producing sound samples and loops using the vocals due to its limitations and is supplied with any V3 or V4 vocal. Its been designed for those who only want Vocaloids to get a few sound blurps from.Plus it got around v2's issue of supply engine + voicebank (price and problems made V2s ugly purchases). But it doesn't hurt to have both the full software and Piapro.

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    • I Work With Tohoku Zunko And She Is Easy As To Work With (In My Opinion:/)

      I Usually Get Vocaloids On Even Though They Have International Shipping And I Live In Australia.

      Anyway, It Depends On Which Vocaloid Is Easy And The Vocaloid You Work With.

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    • not many producers use Zunko as much as Yukari, and I've seen nothing bad on them. Ah Software vocals are good, they have even been among the best of a engine version, but they've also been among the worst. A lot of the time, their biggest plus is the niche type their vocals often have.

      For example...In an era when everyone was producing vocals geared for pop songs and leaned towards the faster tempos for that reason... We had Yukari, who held a market of her own as she leaned towards slower songs.

      People should use her more, though I still have a ton of other vocals i wish they would use more then Zunko. But she is definately one of the Japanese ones on my list I'd like more usage.

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