• I'm going to buy my first VOCALOID soon, and I really would like DEX and DAINA both but I only have enough money for one. I love their voices and was super glad to hear that they're easy to use since they are both my favourite VOCALOIDs. I'm really indecisive about the decision, and I wanted some personal opinions so I can decide.

    When it comes to DAINA, I like her voice better than DEX's, but I can't see myself using her voice to sing many songs. I don't want to end up messing around with the software and making no progress. I want to be really serious about using VOCALOID, but I feel like if I'm not making the most with the voicebank then I wasted my money. I know I'll eventually come up with something to cover with DAINA, but my main worry is that I'm just going to be messing around with her.

    With DEX, I like his voice less than DAINA's, but not to an extent that I don't like it at all. I feel like DEX sounds a little robotic, but yet again(I'm repeating myself -_-) I do really like him. I can see myself using DEX to cover many songs, and possibly posting them on YouTube, but I'll always feel like that I'm missing his counterpart(same with getting DAINA). I want to enjoy using VOCALOID, and I want to enjoy using DEX, but I don't want that shadow hanging over me and a nagging feeling that's telling me I should have bought DAINA instead.

    In the end, I know I'll get both eventually, and I'll enjoy using either of them. Just picking either one of them stresses me out. For me, loving them both, It's like choosing between your two favourite flavors of ice cream or cake or something similar to that. If I'm still stressing after I get answers, I do have a last resort. I really hope the volunteers and anonymous users on VOCALOID wiki can help with this decision!

    Please do not reccommend any other voices to me, because my decision is already firm. I want either DEX or DAINA, so please don't say something like "Start with Avanna first!"

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    • It depends on what you want from them. Daina is more expressive then Dex, but slightly less quality. Beyond this, if you read DEX (VOCALOID4) and DAINA (VOCALOID4), you should have a rough idea of what to expect.

      On a side note, just on the issue of V3's since you don't want to hear about other Engloids besides them... In regards to Avanna herself, she was among the best of V3 - but that doesn't cut it anymore anyway. Every new version of Vocaloid is *slightly better* then the last, so i wouldn't even consider her unless you are really after her.

      Its pretty much this in regards to other English capable Vocaloid (rather then highly recommend a first, I'll give you a note of the current situation with English Vocaloid). The only native I wouldn't recommend from V4 is Ruby, but only because reports on her call her a rather strange vocal and it appears she isn't so beginner friend, so basically... Its youd be stuck with either Dex/Daina or Diva/Songman anyway at this point without going into non-natives... And I wish people would give these two pairs a little more consideration when they dive into a Japanese English vocal for the first time.

      Which where it gets confusing as they can have very different issues between the Japanese-English ones...

      To the point of it can become a really big deal which you get first. People seem really divided too on it, to the point I've seen some *bias* wherein people get their fan drives on instead of their thinking caps on.

      So some vocals like Luka V4x are recommended carelessly, and other vocals like Nana get ignored because people don't like her. Plus, the other issue with the non-natives is, at times, they come with a Japanese vocal. Which means unless you can work with it, you basically have a voicebank sitting there you *may* never use at all. Which defeat the point of going with a bilingual vocal in the first place in this instance. :-/

      Other this here, check out Vocaloid Otaku forums, where more users visit.

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    • I do kinda like Dex more than Daina but I have nothing to back it up. I also like Dex's voiceactor (Kenji B)

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    • Daina is the obvious answer, she's the goddess of the universe afterall

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    • I prefer Dex because hes easier and more clear......

      Sadly Kenji and EmpathP both prefer Daina and see her to be easier, so when it comes to Dex or Daina, opinions will always be a thing.

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    • I think you should take DEX. he is easy to use. i personly like DEX more then DIANA, Im not good at giving advise since i havent used DEX or DIANA.

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