• In mothy's original video of Re_birthday and the lyrics he posted on piapro, about 3/4 of the way in, there's a line

    「罪が消して許されることはない」 ("tsumi ga keshite yurusareru koto wa nai" -- your sins will never be forgiven")

    However, in Tetoteto's remake and other references such as Nicopedia and Vocaloid Wiki, the word 消して keshite is replaced by the homophone 決して keshite.

    The later version seems better semantically and grammatically, but the earlier version comes from original rather than secondary sources.

    Does anyone know anything about this discrepancy? Does anyone have an album with published lyrics?

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    • (決して is kesshite, from ketsu+suru. not a perfect homophone.)

      罪が消す doesn't work out grammatically, does it? it should be 罪が消える/罪を消す. I think it might be 決して.

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    • while the "correct" pronunciation is kesshite, colloquially 決して is also said keshite. In any case, when sung, you don't necessarily hear the difference.

      but I agree grammatically 消して doesn't seem to work.

      what I'm asking for is if anyone knows any primary source (coming from the original songwriter or officially sanctioned by him) supporting 決して. 決して makes more sense, but it's only supported by secondary sources (those that have copied the text from elsewhere).

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    • Maybe you could try contacting mothy directly.

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    • A FANDOM user
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