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  • When I first heard his songs way back in 2012, I think they weren't really "that" good... The tune is catchy but ugh.. IA sounds annoying in his tuning. Then I noticed he quickly rose to fame and even entered Oricon Charts (Japanese Charts) with a label already for the mainstream music scene. I kinda started to think, what made him so popular? I'm really not fond of his songs but the story is interesting; maybe that what brought fans to him? I'm still wondering...

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    • It must be the stories, because although I do like a few of his songs, it has to be more than just the music and the tuning that draws people to his music. I think Mothy's stuff is popular for the same reason.

      It's interesting, considering that "story" producers generally aren't the ones signed to the big labels.

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    • For me, it was about 2/3s the story, and 1/3 the fact that tune of Jin's songs are incredibly catchy.  Sometimes the tuning makes me wince, but it gets stuck in my head, and I just can't stop listening.

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    • It's a mixture for me as well. I know I'm stuck on repeat with how I feel though, since I kind of stated this on the KagePro and his Producer wikia pages... but at first, I really disliked his earlier "tuning" of both Miku and IA... I mean, really disliked it. In fact, I still do, and the majority of his earlier music (with very few exceptions) are ones I have tracks that are either off-vocal or utaites only. On the other hand, after taking the time to listen to the music by itself, everything he's composed thus far is catchy and well-made, and I'm always game for music that catches my attention and tells a good story along with it. So I can honestly say now, with all of his most recent tracks he's put out, my ears are grateful that he's been working on eliminating the grating pitch issues with the vocals. Still enjoy a good utaite cover every now and again, though.

      The Kagerou Days manga... let's just say whenever I do get free chances to read it, it's very hard to put down. (Right now, I'm currently in the middle of Ch. 8) There's a lot going on with the story, and the characters have pretty standout personalities and histories. Don't know what I'm going to do with myself when the anime comes out, though... I'll probably be camped out until it makes it onto Crunchyroll one day...

      With that in mind... you could say a lot of his fans like the characters from the manga, and the fact that said characters are brought to life through his music as well.

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    • His music is a good embodiment of the spirit of punk rock. Bah bah bah tuning sucks, but quite frankly why the heck should you care? Since when did good tuning guarentee good music? His music is simple but has originality, attitude, and he gets the emotions of his lyrics across very well. And no producer is as committed and determined at pushing vocalrock as hard as he does, he releases new songs frequently and with very consistent quality. Which is why he has been able to maintain his popularity the way most other popular producers can't.

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    • wrote:
      Bah bah bah tuning sucks, but quite frankly why the heck should you care? Since when did good tuning guarentee good music?

      Perhaps I should explain this part, being a musician myself...? Because in a way it does. :-)

      Some people are able to pick up pitch differences between two different sounds much more easily than others, especially when one takes the time to undergo ear training to do so. Because of that, when one of these people hears two or more sounds that are supposed to be on the same pitch but aren't anywhere near it (or when an "off" note is hit in a chord that it doesn't belong in), it sounds particularly grating... and can affect a person's overall enjoyment of the music if they have the ear sensitivity to pick up on that right away.

      That doesn't mean to say it's not going to affect the popularity of the music. If a lot of people find they love it, flaws and all, then yeah, in it's own way it's doing the job right... but  tuning certainly does affect the quality of the music if there are noticable pitch blending issues.

      (.... or, now that I'm thinking about it, I'm probably getting confused on which "tuning" you're refering to. I'm so used to the term being refered to adjusting the pitch instead of overall Vocaloid manipulation...) (>.>)

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    • Just today, I listened to a few utaite covers of VOCALOID songs (in fact 97% of the time I'm listening to utaite covers rather than VOCALOID songs), and actually, while walking down the street, with the sun in my back (lol) I realized, that his music it pretty... Well... how to say... Otsukimi Recital just gives off a totally different atmosphere than Yobanashi Deceive, Yuukei Yesterday, or Souzou Forest (and any other Jin songs), so as for me, I realized I do appreciate that very large variety of emotions his songs convey. I'm not generally good at catching emotional stuffs and such but Jin's song can really be overwhelmingly well... convincing... Ayano no Koufuku Riron really gives one the feels... but without loosing any of it's catchyness.

      And yea, storyline... It's really a great mixture of everything, and the characters are just so endearing ;DD. I'm not an author so I don't know what it takes to do a good story, but the Kagepro storyline is catchy.

      But even without good storyline, his World Calling IA is too cute in there, and LIVEDRIVE This kinda classy rock tune and OMG this guitar OMG/cough I like just as much as some of his Kagepro songs (I don't like all of his songs, esp the earlier ones).

      And this is probably not such an important matter, but gosh have you listened to the instrumentals? They are as catchy as the VOCALOID versions. (At least to me >.<)

      But what I just said just counts for me, I have no clue what others think, is best about Jin's KagePro songs ;DD

      I think although his music is overral very nice, there still is some kind of hype going on... for some reasons I can't explain for myself XD

      Fxx I've been writing pretty much lol

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    • wrote:
      His music is a good embodiment of the spirit of punk rock. Bah bah bah tuning sucks, but quite frankly why the heck should you care? Since when did good tuning guarentee good music?
      Well of course, there are things someone has to consider before he decides he really like the song. Each has their own taste, you can't say that just because you don't care about his tuning means I don't have to care either. We have preferences. The fact that you liked his song because of his style is "your" opinion not mine. I'm just trying to ask you guys why you liked them and from there, I can point what is the common integer among you fans which is my goal why I created this thread.

      @BLUEBIRD: No problem. At least I get to see how each one of you tries to somehow re-establish how you liked the songs. Well, as for me, I guess it's because I'm not listening pretty much to them that's why I kinda "don't" like them. Not reconsidering the underlying fact which really catches the attention of listeners.

      I think I need to listen how them Utaites tries to perfect these songs lol.

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    • Bluemask wrote: I think I need to listen how them Utaites tries to perfect these songs lol.

      You might want to take a look at Yumeko's song covers of the series. She does add-libs and voice acting and converys the feeling very well, it can get under your skin.

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    • love most of his song but bad tuing :(

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    • wrote:
      love most of his song but bad tuing :(

      I agree with the bad tuning... lol. His melody is all catchy as I have observed, but the tuning is really bad. 

      Not that I hate him but I find it funny when people say '0' (zero) in the rankings when a Jin song appears. Like they want it removed haha.

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