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  • "Tiger"
Uploaded October 17, 2015, with 500+ SoundCloud views

Background Edit

"Tiger" is an original Hatsune Miku song. It was entered in the HATSUNE MIKU EXPO SONG CONTEST.

Lyrics Edit

You're my tiger,
You're my tiger baby.
Bouquet of tuna, can't keep our claws off each other.
You purr when ever i'm near,
I'd never pet another.
And all the fish in the sea, I bring you.
But you still sharpen your claws on me.
I keep your water dish full.
You keep my lap warm, play with balls of yarn.
You shred my heart to keep fed.
Tail swishing when you're mad.
Your friends all think i'm a psycho, I'm your psycho.
You're my tiger, you're my tiger baby.