"タイガーラブズドラゴン" (Tiger Loves Dragon) is Ie no Ura de Manbou ga ShinderuP's third album, the previous being Blossom Spice. It consists of 10 songs, both old and newly written. It was first distributed at THE VOC@LOID MASTER 16.

A crossfade of the album can be seen on Nico Nico Douga.

It's purchasable on Toranoana.

Uramanbou third album
Released June 12th, 2011
Producer Ie no Ura de Manbou ga ShinderuP
Price ¥1,000
Illust. -
Label LIMyT
Track list
1. ドラゴンが定期落とす
Dragon ga Teiki Otosu / The dragon lost his commuter ticket
2. パパ!あのお兄さん、電柱を咀嚼してる!
Papa! Ano Onii-san, Denchū o Soshaku Shiteru! / Dad! He's biting the light pole!
Hatsune Miku
3. おニューのかさぶた、ペットに食われろ
Onyū no Kasabuta, Pet ni Kuwarero / Have your new scab eaten by your pet
4. 筋肉痛駆け落ちの滑稽な結末
Kinnikutsuu Kakeochi no Kokkeina Ketsumatsu / Ludicrous denouement for a desperate eloper
5. 誕生日、ペペロンチーノにやさしくされる
Tanjōbi, Peperoncino ni Yasashiku Sareru / On my birthday, Aglio e Olio was nice to me
6. 架空スペック請求に虎が涙目
Kakū Spec Seikyū ni Tora ga Namidame / A tiger's torment over exacting demands
Hatsune Miku
7. キッチンでカッパがタニシ茹でてる
Kitchen de Kappa ga Tanishi Yudeteru / A Kappas is boiling mud slugs in the kitchen
8. ペガサスもうんこする
Pegasus mo Unko Suru / Pegasus Poops
Hatsune Miku
9. おニューのかさぶた、ペットに食われろ(呪い倍増ver.)
Onyū no Kasabuta, Pet ni Kuwarero (Noroi Baizō ver.) / / Have your new scab eaten by your pet(96)
(Bonus Track)

10. 粘着系男子の15年ネチネチ(GUMIver.)
Nenchaku-kei Danshi no 15-nen Nechinechi (GUMIver.)/ 15 Years Pursuing a Cute Boy(GUMIver.)
(Bonus Track)

Uramanbou second album
Blossom Spice
Uramanbou fourth album
Electro Romance

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