To Kill a SunOLIVER
Song title
"To Kill A Sun"
Korean: "태양을 죽일 "
Uploaded December 23, 2012, with 1,339+ views
Rubin (music, lyrics)
shinatarou (Illustration)
YouTube Broadcast


Hello everyone! If we haven't met before, well I'm Rubin!

I'm going to be a GOOD vocaloid producer eventually XD

"To Kill A Sun" is an original song by Rubin featuring OLIVER.

Succeeding versionsEdit

GUMI's cover
Featuring GUMI
Author(s) Rubin
Category VOCALOID cover


Shining brightly,
Laughing so slightly,
Gently hold me,
Take the knife and kill me,

Darling, sunshine,
Stay so you'll be mine,
Let's go and kill the Sun.

When dawn is rising,
Morning after morning,
You shine on their world,
Leaving me in darkness.

Please don't leave me,
Never forget me,
Where the light is,
Shadows will be with it,

Brighter the light,
Darker the shadow,
Let's go and kill the Sun.

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