This is an article about the Tone Rion software for the VOCALOID3 engine.


She was first seen silhouetted during October 14, 2011 and was revealed in a poster on October 21. Later during the Vocanama event, more of her official art, her demo and her website was revealed, along with her Twitter account. Her release date was the 16th of December in 2011.[1]

Tone Rion "Second Edition"Edit

Tone Rion was one of several products which was re-released in 2013 under "SE" edition. The updated version will host 3 new job plug-ins for the VOCALOID3 engine as well as the latest version of "VOCALOID3' and Tiny VOCALOID3. For users who already own the original vocal, there is no need for a second purchase as aside from a software package update, all the new added bonus content in the SE addition is available for download from the VOCALOID website.

The original version of Tone Rion was discontinued from sale on August 20, 2013.[2]

Mac UpdateEdit

In May 2015, it became possible to install Tone Rion onto the Mac OS x.[3]

Final RetirementEdit

Sales of this product ended on February 16, 2017.

Product InformationEdit



かたつむり (Katatsumuri) YouTube
P** Song YouTube
Thousand Regrets YouTube
Sun (Bubble) YouTube
また明日 (Mata Ashita) YouTube
神話色のミステリイ (Shinwairo no Mistery) YouTube
ぽっかんカラー (Pokkan Color) YouTube
こんなアタシDOでShow!? (Konna Atashi DO de Show!?) Niconico


  • Celeron Dual Core-2.1G or more
  • (7 64bit support) WindowsXP/Vista/7: OS support
  • Memory: 1GB or more
  • +200 MB over 2GB: HDD
  • Media: DVD

Voicebank LibrariesEdit

Product Information
  Tempo: 60 ~ 140BPM  Range: A2 ~ F4
  Trial/Demo Vers?: Yes  Starter Available?: Yes
Package details
Her voice has been labelled Loli during the Vocanama. Since she is aimed to be a Moe-centered voicebank, her voice has a natural "nasal" undertone to it to match vocals commonly used for this genre in Japanese manga, animation and music.

She was not a faithful recreation of her provider, compared to the later VOCALOID4 release Yumemi Nemu.

Vocal traits as noted:
  • Maintains its cuteness going up and down the octaves quite easily
  • Her voice is very childish and and has a nasal twang to it.
  • Her pronunciation is clear, yet maintaining a sweet, naive tone.
  • On lower notes produces an airy, whispery sound, while higher notes are sharp and clear.
  • Due to the nasal tone on her voice, in their raw state, her vocals produce a flat sound that needs further editing.
  • Despite her flat tone, she is a expressive voice with young sounding quality to her voice and a distinct sound to it.[4]
  • She works best for "pop" songs.
Voicebank sample


Tone rion by Rinshuu

A trial version has been released of this product.


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