"Too much Love" is the fifth album MineK, with the participation of Camui Gackpo, MEIKO, KAITO and Ryuto.

In the version sold in karent the album comes with 11 tracks, but on the other can acquire both extas tracks. A crossfade of the album could be heard here and is purchasable from KarenT (11 tracks) and iTunes.

Released October 30th, 2011
Producer MineK
Price ¥1,200
Track list
1. To be Free
MEIKO, Camui Gackpo
2. 浮動小数点パラダイス
MEIKO, Ryuto
3. Jealousy
MEIKO, Camui Gackpo, KAITO
4. In the Adulty mood
MEIKO, Camui Gackpo
5. Too much Love
MEIKO, Camui Gackpo
6. Speed Up
Camui Gackpo, KAITO
7. Set Me Free!
MEIKO, Ryuto
8. I need U'r Love
9. Luv & Venus
Camui Gackpo
10. Dream Chaser (remix)
MEIKO, Camui Gackpo
11. Together
Camui Gackpo, MEIKO
12. Make up Love - カイメイ Ver. -
13. がくメイRadio
Spirit and Love
Spirit and Love
Dive into U

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