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Trick and treat
Song title
"trick and treat"
Uploaded October 30, 2008, with 1,282,200+ views
Kagamine Rin, Kagamine Len
OSTER project (music, lyrics)
YOji (illust, video)
Niconico Broadcast • YouTube Broadcast
piapro Broadcast


"trick and treat" is OSTER project's first Rin and Len duet song. It was uploaded for Halloween 2008. OSTER project's works are usually cheerful-sounding, but "trick and treat" was her first work to have a darker atmosphere. The song reached one million views on November 21, 2011,[1] making it the second Kagamine duet song ("Gekokujou" being the first) to do so.

"trick and treat" basically tells a story of "you", who was led by Rin and Len into a deep, deep forest. Although they seemed friendly at first, "you" realized things were not as they seemed.

This song is featured on the albums Cinnamon Philosophy, EXIT TUNES PRESENTS STARDOM, and OSTER-san no Best.

Japanese and Romaji LyricsEdit

Singer Color
Rin Orange
Len Goldenrod
Both Black

Japanese (日本語歌詞) Romaji (ローマ字)
深い深い 霧の中 妖艶に響く声 Fukai fukai kimi no naka youen ni hibiku koe
おいでおいで この森のもっと奥深くまで Oide oide kono mori no motto okufukaku made
早く早く 急ぎ足で出来るだけ近くに Hayaku hayaku isogiashi de dekirudake chikaku ni
おいでおいで さぁ愉しい Oide oide saa tanoshii
遊戯 を始めよう asobi wo hajime you

シナモンスティックは魔法のステッキ shinamon sutikku wa mahou no sutekki
ひとふりするだけでシロップが増える Hitofuri suru dakede shiroppu ga fueru
苦ささえ忘れて 甘い夢の中 Nigasa sae wasurete amai yume no naka
天蓋に護られて tengai ni mamorarete
眠りに堕ちる nemuri ni ochiru

幻想の催眠に溺れたままで良い gensou no saimin ni oboreta mama de ii
目隠しを外しちゃ面白くないでしょ mekakushi o hazushicha omoshirokunai desho
足元ご注意 その手は僕が引くから ashimoto gochuui sono te wa boku ga hiku kara
その身を今すぐに sono mi o ima sugu ni
委ねなさい さぁ yudanenasai saa

いつからか疑念の刃が見え隠れする itsukara ka ginen no yaiba ga miekakuresuru
愛という免罪符などは存在しないと ai toiu menzaifu nado wa sonzaishinai to
目隠しの隙間から覗き見たランタンが mekakushi no sukima kara nozokimita rantan ga
映し出した影に思わず utsushidashita kage ni omowazu
身の毛がよだった minoke ga yodatta

おやおや悪い子 もうお目覚めですか? oyaoya warui ko mou o-mezame desu ka?
目隠しが解けたなら 盲目にしようか? mekakushi ga toketa nara moumoku ni shiyou ka?
ほらほら笑いなさい 可愛いお顔で hora hora warainasai kawaii o kao de
毛皮をまた被って kegawa o mata kabutte
芝居に戻る shibai ni modoru

「……ねぇ、ちょうだい?」 …nee, choudai?

どうしたのそんな目で 身体を震わせて doushita no sonna me de karada o furuwasete
温かいミルクでもてなして欲しいの? atatakai miruku de motenashite hoshii no?
さぁ中にお入り ここはとても温かい saa naka ni o hairi koko wa totemo atatakai
見返りはポケットの中身でいいから mikaeri wa poketto no nakami de ii kara

ちょうだい 早く早く choudai hayaku hayaku
ねぇほら 今すぐに nee hora ima sugu ni
二者択一の原則をかなぐり捨て nishatakuitsu no gensoku o kanagurisute
まやかしでもてなして 甘い蜜を吸って mayakashi de motenashite amai mitsu o sutte
ちょうだい よこせ ほら 今すぐに choudai yokose hora ima sugu ni

ちょうだい Choudai


Kaito and Meiko's cover
Featuring KAITO, MEIKO
Author(s) Otona-P
Category VOCALOID cover
KAITO V3 (Straight) and Yuzuki Yukari's cover
Featuring KAITO V3, Yuzuki Yukari
Author(s) Fuyukage Kaito (Kaito-P)
Category Parody, VOCALOID cover
Iroha's Cover
Featuring Nekomura Iroha
Author(s) Otona-P
Category VOCALOID cover
Fanmade Nico Chorus
Featuring Various
Author(s) Tama
Category Nico Chorus
96neko's Cover
Featuring 96neko
Author(s) 96neko
Category Human cover

Inukai's PV
Featuring Kagamine Rin / Len
Author(s) Inukai
Category Fanmade PV
Fanmade Project Diva PV
Featuring Kagamine Rin, Kagamine Len
Author(s) Goniyoniyo
Category Fanmade PV
7:24's Fanmade PV
Featuring Kagamine Rin, Kagamine Len
Author(s) 7:24
Category Hand Drawn PV

t-rick and trea-t
Featuring Kagamine Rin / Len
Author(s) Yu-kichi
Category Parody

Other media appearancesEdit


This song was performed at the MikuPa Live in Tokyo 2011 and the MikuPa Live in Hong Kong and Taiwan 2012 concerts.

Manga adaptationEdit

On October 1, 2012 it was announced that along with Ichika and Kurousa-P's Cantarella manga adaptation, trick and treat would also receive a manga adaptation on Nico Nico Age Premium Vol. 15; illustrated by NEGI. Chapter 1 was released on October 9, 2012 for 85 yen.


The story opens with Miku visiting Neru the shop keeper. Miku asked what the scroll above the shop means. The scroll reads "deep in the forest there lives a pair of devils". Neru explained how there was a rumor going on, and how someone who lived in the city went missing because of the "forest incident". They changed the conversation completely as Neru offered her a new pair of ribbons with a discount.

Miku went home late and had to go to the forest on her way there. The forest was dark and she admitted Neru's story scared her a little bit. It was then when she heard of children's voices which lead her to a vast mansion. Two children then surprised Miku by sneaking up behind her, and then asked her if she was lost. The pair of children apologized for startling her and welcomed to "a game of secrets (place)"; meaning their "mansion".

Once they were inside, they introduced themselves as Len and Rin. They appeared to be outgoing and innocent, much like any other children around their age. Miku gave them cookies, which made the pair like Miku even more. As a thank you gift for the cookies, Rin gave her a blindfold. She explained that the mansion there was a "secret place" that no ordinary person can access. Since Miku had somehow made it to the mansion to "play", they figured if Miku wants to go back to the mansion and play again she should just put on the blindfold and it will lead her back without going through the dark forest's "maze".

The second Miku put on the blindfold, she somehow arrived at Neru's place in a different place and time. The following day she decided to go back to Rin and Len's "secret place", and brought a cake along with her since they had loved the cookies before. As a thank you gift, Len and Rin introduced "cinnamon stick" (a reference to the song) with that they scooped a hand full of syrup and ate them with scones the two served. The scones somehow made them sleepy and tired; and so Miku stayed with them in the mansion for the night.

Miku enjoyed the stays and visits to Rin and Len's house, and brought a treat with each visit. She decided to learn more recipes, until Neru noticed how happy Miku had been the past few days. Neru brought up the topic of the rumors in the forest again, and for a second Miku was curious about how it was that the blindfold could lead her to that mansion.

Just for one night, Miku left bread crumbs in a trail behind her as she put her blindfold on and walked through the dark forest. Her blindfold was loose and there she saw two dark terrifying shadows which resembled Len and Rin, though it's nothing like their child-like figures. She let go of her blindfold to see the "normal" Rin and Len. They managed to change the subject by asking for some sweets. "Unfortunately" Miku had no sweets to give (because earlier she left bread crumbs all over to trace her tracks). Upon hearing this, Rin and Len became very upset and grabbed her.

The following morning, Miku woke up in her own room. She began to wonder just what Rin and Len were, and if they were really as innocent as they looked. She wondered if they were the twin devils she'd heard rumours about. The forest, the twins, and the devils (the shadows had seen saw not too long ago): they were all somehow connected with Rin and Len, though she refused to believe that.

Later on Miku found out their true nature, really being the devil twins to be rumoured around. The story ends the same way the song "trick and treat" ended, with "nee, choudai?".


Trick and Treat Live
Len and Rin performing trick and treat in "MikuPa Live in Tokyo" concert.
Trick and treat comicalize
trick and treat illustrated by NEGI for Nico Nigo Age Premium.
Post card Trick and Treat
trick and treat postcards based on the manga serialization illustrated by NEGI.
Trick and treat NEGI comicalizzzeeeezezezeze
A spin off to the manga illustrated by NEGI for VOC@PARA.


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