"Tsubaki iro D-i-s-k" is ArukaP's fourth album. The album cover was illustrated by RikuKanna. The album contains 13 songs, five covers, six original songs, and one instrumental featuring SF-A2 miki, Camui Gackpo, GUMI, Kagamine Len, Kagamine Rin, Megurine Luka, and Hatsune Miku.

It was originally released on February 5, 2012 at The Voc@loid M@ster 19.

A crossfade for this album can be viewed on Niconico. This album can be purchased here on Amazon.

Tsubaki-iro D-i-s-k
Released February 5, 2012
Producer ArukaP
Price ¥1,500
Illust. RikuKanna
Label Celo Project
Track list
1. 椿色トワイライト
Tsubaki iro Twilight
SF-A2 miki
Camui Gackpo, GUMI
3. S.K-y
Kagamine Len, Kagamine Rin
4. Doll
Megurine Luka, Camui Gackpo
5. Little HERO!!
GUMI, SF-A2 miki, Hatsune Miku, Camui Gackpo
6. 粉雪メロディー2011
Konayuki Melody 2011
GUMI, SF-A2 miki, Hatsune Miku
7. ViCTiM
SF-A2 miki
8. STAR☆ -アルバムバージョン-
STAR☆ -Album Version-
SF-A2 miki
9. 黒い矢の先に
Kuroi ya no Saki ni / At the Point of a Black Arrow
Hatsune Miku
11. Kin Kon Kan Kon♪
Hatsune Miku
12. Liberty
Wakaba iro D-i-s-k
Wakaba iro D-i-s-k
Himawari iro D-i-s-k
Himawari iro D-i-s-k

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