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  • "Tuesday Love Bird"
Uploaded February 14, 2014, with 1,200+ Niconico views and 1,000+ YouTube views
  • LIGHT&BITTER (music, lyrics)
  • Remo (tuning, illust, PV)


LIGHT&BITTER, featuring the Lizts and Remo combo to create Vocaloid originals.

This song marks our debut! We hope you enjoy Tuesday Love Blues and look forward to seeing our works.

Our blog, SC, and NND are linked under the Abouts section of our YT channel. And to commemorate our debut, we will be releasing a free mini-album very soon!

"Tuesday Love Bird" is an original song featuring Megurine Luka.


Tuesday afternoon, out of touch
digging out what's left of my soul
Then out of nowhere something glows
from the far end of the room
the waiting stops out of the blue

There I stood, mesmerized
as you walk down the hall, such a sweet delight
as this reeling feeling shakes me inside
Without thinking of it at all,
this is what I had said

‘Cause whoever you are, ohh
I will be right by your side
Oh baby,
I can't find the words to say
because maybe someday…

Wednesday morning blues just took me by
All my jazz, all my cool, have melted away
Oh, why did I act like a fool
but maybe so, I wish that I'd
forgotten the things that day

I don't know what to do
so I turn and run back to you
Oh baby
But even though I tried so hard
not to give my love away, oh I can't say

‘Cause whoever you are, ohh
I will be right by your side
Oh baby, ohh
I can't find the notes to sing
Because maybe someday, I'll find a way
Even though I don't know for sure
I'll find a way

Because surely someday, I'll find a way

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