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STATUS:January 2008 → Assumed active
OFFICIAL:Website: Hat
URL(s)Twitter / PIAPRO
PLAYLIST(s):Playlist / Nico Nico Douga List
WORKS: (Upload date)
  1. "Tsurete Itte" (Jan.22.2008)
  2. "Speed ☆ Maker (Revision)" (Feb.06.2008)
  3. "Regret" (Feb.20.2008)
  4. "Last word" (Apr.21.2008)
  5. "Karen" (Apr.28.2008)
  6. "sparkle song" (Sep.12.2008)
  7. "I hate you" (Nov.29.2008)
  8. "Mighty Bomb Jack -forget me Mix-" (Dec.06.2008)
  9. "the New World (Nobori-bou No.20)" (Jan.01.2009)
  10. "music life of pop creation" (Jan.30.2009)
  11. "Omoideni nanka Naranaide" (Feb.12.2009)
  12. "Platina -shin'in future Mix-" (Feb.28.2009)
  13. "I still love you" (Mar.11.2009)
  14. "April Fool -H.T.D Mix-" (Apr.02.2009)
  15. "Girly Dream" (Apr.21.2009)
  16. "fallin' love at first sight" (Apr.23.2009)
  17. "Callin'" (May.23.2009)
  18. "Toki no Owari -daydream rmx-" (Jun.10.2009)
  19. "thank you, babe" (Jun.11.2009)
  20. "Elevator Music" (Jun.25.2009)
  21. "Usotsuki" (Aug.20.2009)
  22. "breakthrough" (Oct.28.2009)
  23. "Kuusou ⇔ Genjitsu Metronome" (Nov.11.2009)
  24. "TaLK * CoMMuNiCaTe" (Dec.04.2009)
  25. "Feel" (Dec.04.2009)
  26. "Aozora Fish to Watagashi-gumo" (Dec.04.2009)
  27. "Kirai ni Naretara" (Dec.26.2009)
  28. "ARCH" (Jan.27.2010)
  29. "brand new day" (Mar.20.2010)
  30. "Last Scene -restart Mix-" (Mar.21.2010)
  31. "Too Late To Tell" (Apr.17.2012)
  32. "TRANSPARENT" (Mar.27.2013)

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