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UNIVERSAL MUSIC JAPAN, formerly PolyGram Co., Ltd., is a major Japanese record label based in Tokyo. They collaborated with YAMAHA Corporation to create ARSLOID. They are a subsidiary company of Universal Music Group.


UNIVERSAL MUSIC JAPAN was established in April 1990 as PolyGram Co., Ltd., as a holding company for PolyGram in Japan. PolyGram Co., Ltd. and was later sold to Seagram and merged with Universal Music Group in 1998 and became UNIVERSAL MUSIC JAPAN in 1999. It later became a subsidiary company of by Universal Music Group, the largest record label in the world, to expand their licenses to Japan.

On 16th June 2015, UNIVERSAL MUSIC JAPAN announced their first VOCALOID, ARSLOID, who was released in September 2015.



Japanese vocals

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