Image of "UNI (ST MEDiA song)"
Song title
  • "UNI"
Uploaded June 17, 2016, with 133,000+ YouTube views and 2,600+ bilibili views
  • ST MEDiA Co., Ltd.


"UNI" is an original demo song featuring UNI and the lyrics only consist of her singing her own name. Despite being the very first song featuring UNI, it utilizes her "Soft" voicebank. The Soft voicebank is part of her "Append" package, which would release after her "Original" voicebank.


Dropped_Kid's Remix
Featuring UNI
Author(s) Dropped Kid
Category Remix
Vocaloid Studio's PV
Featuring UNI
Author(s) Vocaloid Studio
Category Fanmade PV

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