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  • "USBmine"
Uploaded April 11, 2010, with 2,100+ YouTube views


Written on the premise that robots are human too, the song uses various tech terms and is, lyrically, rather coy.

It is the last song on The Sonika Album (2010).


I watch you surf through the web with my browser
Double click boy, you're turning me on
Come Plug-n-Play baby you've got the power

We've got so much in common
Carbon and Silicon

I noticed going through your history folder
We like the same thing baby its on
Our love is strong like a virtual boulder

It's a computer thing
Carbon and Silicon

USBmine (you'll be mine)
USBmine (2x)

Forget your serial peripheral bus
Forget your firewall and Ethernet dreams
What do you think of when I talk about us?

It's time to get it on
Carbon and Silicon

I'm getting dot crawl on the digital screens
My interface longs for stealing a kiss
I'll back it up using sexual means

But people say its wrong
Carbon and Silicon

USBmine (you'll be mine)