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Unlock SONiKA
Song title
Uploaded April 17, 2015, with 178 views
DystoP (lyrics, music, art, video)
YouTube Broadcast


This has been sitting in my wips for a while, so I got lazy and decided to finish the entire second half with some creative copy+pasting. Terrible, ain't it? But it's a start at least, and it'll only get better from here.

That "badly drawn artwork" aesthetic though. It could've been much better, but I felt like giving it that "mspaint with a mouse" look to reflect how I felt about the quality of the track.

"Unlock" is an original song by DystoP featuring SONiKA.


I don't know
the secrets that are unlocked to me
I don't want to touch what is far beyond
I'm not prepared for these mysteries

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