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アンラッキー末期ー@スクールトリップ (Unlucky Makki@School Trip / Unlucky Final Days@School Trip) is 150P's sixth album. It was released at THE VOC@LOiD M@STER27.

The album contains 11 tracks all featuring IA except for tracks one, three, six, and nine, which are instrumentals.

A crossfade can be seen on YouTube and on NicoNico Douga .

Released November 24, 2013
Producer 150P
Price ¥1500
Label Victor Entertainment
Track list
1. -準備中-
-Junbi Chuu- / -In Preparation-
2. アンラッキー末期ー@スクールトリップ
Unluck Makki@School Trip / Unluck Final Days@School Trip
3. -散策中-
-Sansaku Chuu- / -While Walking-
4. 一人ノ独占会(ボッチのワンマンショー)
Hitori no Dokusen (Bocchi no One Man Slow) / One Person's Exclusive Meeting (Bocchi's One Man Slow)
5. ホンモノ注意報
Hon'mono Chuuihoo / Real Warning
6. -休憩中-
-Kyuukei Chuu- / -On Break-
7. ドラマティック・ショーケース
Dramatic Showcase
8. 恋心アンダーウォーター
Koigokoro Underwater / Love Underwater
9. -青春中-
-Seishun Chuu- / -During Youth-
10. 群青メモリーズ
Gunjou Memories / Ultramarine Memories
11. やる木への木さんの唄
Yaruki e no Ki-san no Uta
Shuen Rewrite
Shuuen -Re:write-


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