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AdyS (music, lyrics)
yasuto hukuda, 9210, akibakeisena, aya, bou nin, erkelee, gemi, junji, kurono kuro, moe m, moji0021, pei, shinta, suzi (illust)
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Unresolved is original song by AdyS sung by SONiKA. It is featured in AdyS' album Bridges to Cross and Witches to Burn and Vocallective Records' compilation Drum & Bass & Vocaloid.


When the time comes
It will fall apart

Trying to be aware of the things that surround me

A little bit of my life
Is broken apart

The picture of the illusion inside my mind
It was once mine, but my eyes were blind

It was a mistake to make it go behind
I ran out of time, I didn't see the sign

If it was true, I would never leave you
I would find the time to make things right
To make things fine
As it was before
Define the undefine
And straighten the line
But it seems that some things will never shine

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