Released 2008
Track list
1. Stratosphere (ストラトスフィア) (2008 remix)
2. Dragoon (feat. Yamai)
3. Space rocket delivery service (ロケット宅宙便)
4. Song of Pixie (Bossa study)
5. Electropneumatic girls (電空少女) (Caramel-ICE version)
6. Soar (UHS version)
7. Stratosphere (ストラトスフィア) (Exaggerate mix)
8. Space rocket delivery service -cool- (ロケット宅宙便 クール) (Flights rocket version)
9. Stratosphere (ストラトスフィア) (Fine weather mix)
10. Song of Pixie
11. Electropneumatic girls (電空少女) (Azuki-ICE version)
12. Dragoon
13. Soar (Uta-balla remix)
14. Kiminomotohe (キミノモトヘ)

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